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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

JioFi MiFi Hotspot Device info , JioFi MiFi FAQ , JioFi MiFi product Review

Reliance is building a huge consumer fan base even before the official launch of the Jio 4G LTE services. After keeping it limited to some Samsung phones and LYF branded phones, Reliance Industries is now offering not just the JioLink modems but JioFi MiFi devices too.

It's quite limited for now and even after visiting the different Reliance Digital stores, we found out that for now, it is only the HP laptop owners who are chosen to get this as a part of the Preview Offer of Jio 4G will be able to buy a JioFi hotspot device. There’s quite a lot of confusion about it, so we here have an FAQ with some common questions answered, based on what we learned.
Note: This list was updated on August 19th based on the new developments, 
Where do I purchase the JioFi device?
You can buy LYF-powered Haier M2 JioFi device at Reliance Digital or DxMini Stores for Rs.2899.

How to use and activate my JioFi device?
1. Insert the battery and the activated Jio SIM in your JioFi
2. Switch it ON
3. Turn on Wi-Fi on the consumption device you wish to use (laptops, tablets, mobile phones, gaming devices, cameras, smart TVs)
4. Search for available Wi-Fi networks
5. Connect to the network name of your JioFi
6. Enter the password as mentioned in the device. To find the password, please open the battery cover. Default password is mentioned on the inside panel of the battery cover.
7. You are now ready to connect to Jio’s high-speed internet.
Is the speed from JioFi better than on any phone using a Jio 4G SIM?
Yes, the speeds are definitely better because it gets a higher and better reception when compared to a smartphone.
What’s JioFi?
It is a Wi-Fi hotspot dongle that we usually call as a MiFi device, and it is used for sharing the Data Internet connectivity to the other devices around through Wi-Fi. These Jio Fi devices are similar to any Wi-Fi hotspot devices that are available in the market, except that these are going to be limited to the Reliance Jio 4G network and thus only the Jio SIM can be used here.
If I got the invite for Preview Offer for my HP laptop, will I get the JioFi device for free?
No, even if you got the Jio Preview Offer SMS or email, you won’t be able to get the JioFi device for free. It is the SIM card you are getting for free and in order to get that, you will need to purchase the Jio Fi dongle
How much does the JioFi cost?
here are a couple of device models that were launched earlier, but the offer with HP laptops strictly mention about one that costs Rs. 2899. It is called the Router M2 and that is the model offered here.
What’s included in the Jio 4G Preview offer?
Just like how it is offered for any other device, Reliance is offering free unlimited data, calls, and SMS for a period of three months.
Since I will be having the SIM in the JioFi device, how will the calls be possible?
You will have to use the JioJoin app and from there you will be able to make calls. We are not sure if the SIM cards given here will be locked to the device or not, so JioJoin is the only resort if calling is important for you.
jioFi Mifi Hotspot With 4G SIM Card Free, Jio Preview Offer on HP Laptop  Reliance Jio is the latest sensation that is making a lot of buzz in the people. The Reliance Jio 4G services are in progress to launch soon. Now, the Reliance has introduced a preview offer in association with HP Laptop. Under this plan, HP Laptop shoppers can also buy the JioFi hotspot along with 4G SIM at the affordable price of Rs 2899. The offer is valid for only HP clients. This is the Reliance Jio Preview Offer on JioFi hotspot. HP users can hurry to grab this offer.
How and where do I get the offer and buy the JioFi device?
If you are one of the customers who got the SMS or Email from HP about the offer, you will see a unique referral code which you need to present at Reliance DX Mini or Reliance Digital store and then pay for the JioFi device.
JI0 Preview Offer: Pay 2899 for a wireless compact router & get 3 months uninterrupted high speed connection + Access to exiting JI0 applications for FREE.
  • Terms and Conditions: Customer registers for BTC offer @ http://www.hpshopping.ingstc2016 or http://www.hpshopping.inflitc2016online
  • Offer is eligible from Tuesday, 2nd August. Offer valid from 25th July purchases onward
  • Post BTC Offer claim validation customer receives a Unique Referral code via email along with detailed steps to avail the JIO offer
  • Customer takes a Print Out of the referral code email, Copies of Original Valid Proof of Identity & Address & 1 passport sized Photograph and go to any of the below stores – Reliance Digital, Digital Xpress Mini
  • Upon successful validation of the referral code customer pays Rs.2899/- & takes home JioFi device along with a SIM
  • Customer gets a notification for tele-verification & tele-verifies within 7 days of receipt of notification
  • Upon successful tele-verification, customer gets Jio Preview Offer * The offer is exclusively for HP customers
  • This offer is valid only for HP laptop/desktop customers who have received an invitation from HP (Unique referral code)
  • The offer is valid only till 15th August, 2016
  • All HP Desktops & Notebooks purchased through authorized HP Partners are eligible
  • This preview offer is also applicable for existing HP customer. Anyone who has HP laptop or desktop can also avail this by mailing @ They will receive Unique referral codes via email.
I already have an HP laptop, will I be able to take advantage of it and get a free Jio 4G SIM with Preview Offer?
As mentioned in the last line of the Terms and Conditions above, you might be able to get the preview offer but only if you are buying the JioFi device.
Some specifications and features of the Jio Fi device
  • VoLTE calls and app to app sharing possible
  • Can host upto 31 devices simultaneously
  • Has 6 hours of battery backup and is fully charged within 3 hours
  • Comes in 3 colours; Red, Blue and Black
source:Relince jio offcial site.

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